About the restaurant


  • No yeast in the dough. Just traditional home-made leaven. Your health is our concern.
  • The real Italian pizza is made for you in a wood stove over live fire.
  • Italian cuisine means the Italian brand-Chef. So, all pizzas have been made for you just by an Italian, Victor Castaldo.
  • A perfect pizza is a filling but a light dish. It has a thin base and abundant and delicious filler. You won’t feel over full after you eat.
  • No compromises! Pizza dough is made exclusively from Italian flour.
  • All details matter! Only prefect quality best products are used in the dishes made for you.
  • We get prepared for your visit in advance. The pizza dough is leavened and matures for more than 24 hours according to our brand technology.
  • You get the beast available from the Italian cuisine. Pizzas are made according to classical Northern-Italian recipes in a traditional Neapolitan stove.
  • The wood stove in Pizza Ovale was built by hand by a Neapolitan Stefano Ferrara. Three generations of his family have been making stoves for the best pizzerias around the world.
  • You can be sure of Pizza Ovale because we do love and eat our pizza by ourselves


Any Ukrainian housewife has her own recipe for borsch and any mamma in Italy has her own secret of pizza. And this is without talking about differences between pizzas from different regions of the country. We have collected the best from all Italy for our yeastless pizza.

The stove was made by a craftsman from Napoli while the recipe approaches rather correspond to traditions of the Northern part of the country. On our behalf, the only thing we added is the oval shape. Why? It is just more convenient to eat an oval pizza. In contrast to a round one, it will not occupy half of your table. There will be space for drinks.

The Italians say: to have a happy relationship the key is to like the same pizza. The key for us is that you like just our oval pizza.


Napoli is deemed to be motherland of pizza. In the beginning it was food for poor people. They would put over simple pizza dough whatever they have in the house: butter, herbs, and left-overs from yesterdays. With the time, pizza supporters appeared among the elite, too: famous pizza “Margarita” (it is more known as “Margherita” in other parts of the world) received its name to honor the Queen Margherita di Savoia who really liked that pizza. By the mid of XIXth century, pizza became a traditional food all around Italy.

Two lines, a red one and a white one are normally distinguished in Italian cuisine. Before tomatoes were brought to Europe from Southern America, cream had been the main base for sauces (including pizza sauces). It was the “white line” of Italian cuisine. The first known to us recipe of a dish from tomatoes was published in a recipe-book printed in Napoli in 1692. This period can be conventionally deemed the beginning of the “red line”.

Pizza Ovale is one of the rare places where you can try a pizza with both tomato and cream sauce.


The stove located in Pizza Ovale was made especially by our order and put together by hand at Stefano Ferraro’s shop in Napoli. He is a representative of the third generation of the family that for more than 100 years has been making stoves from bricks and tuff, a volcanic rock extracted at the root of Vesuvius (such stoves are also called “Pompeian”).

In such stove, pizza is baked on birch firewood at a temperature of 400 degrees for just one minute. This allows for preserving taste properties of the filler and to bake the flour well. As the result one gets a dish that cannot be prepared even in the best electric stove.

Leaven VS Yeast

We make our yeastless dough exclusively from Italian flour on a leaven that was prepared and grown by us.

Disputes around hazards of yeasted dough have never stopped for years. Some scare with dangerous products of life activity of yeast fungus and call for excluding it from the diet. Others give counterarguments. If you add to this noise voices of gluten refusers you better just stop eating at all.

We thought we would not interfere with this dispute and decided to walk the line. The leaven is certainly healthier than yeast. Even putting aside questions of utility and harm, it is enough to compare natural and fine aroma of the yeastless leavened dough with the strong smell of fermentation where industrial yeast is used to understand where the truth lies.

Pizza will appear on your table within minutes after your order. Although we start making it more than 24 hours before this happy moment. This is exactly the time the dough needs to achieve its optimal condition.


Historically, the case has been that the inhabitants of South of Italy are deemed to be poor and pragmatic. Pizza for them is a tasty and affordable way to satisfy hunger. The inhabitants of North who are better off perceive this dish in a slightly different way. Pizza for them is rather a reason to enjoy food in a good company. The dough base here is thinner while the filler is more complicated, richer and more varied with frequent uses of gourmet products.

The gourmet pizza we make in Pizza Ovale combines the best available from the North and South of Italy.


We intensively cooperate with Good Wine winery sommeliers that developed a wine card especially for us.

Some believe that pizza goes very well with beer. Maybe. In 2013, a reputable Italian guide Gambero Rosso for the first time gave the highest praise to combination of food and drinks of a restaurant from Piemonte (North of Italy) where they serve craft beer with pizza.

Still, we believe that it is better to respect traditions and to wash down pizza with a good wine. This is a healthier combination. The beer accelerates fermentation while the wine, digestion. It would not matter whether you choose any simple wine or an expensive drink from a famous wine-grower: it will always make a perfect combination exactly with a pizza of your choice.


We use only high quality ingredients for preparation of our pizza.

Following traditions of the Italian cuisine we make our pizza base thin and the filler, rich.